Accords responds to the abstract and at the best of times, confusing visual language used to portray scent within the perfume industry by taking a literal approach in the image making. The final video shows visual responses to a perfume that has been split into three parts in order to make the experience of smelling it more palatable. The perfume was created at A Library of Olfactive Material, an open source, not-for-profit resource for education and experimentation with scent based in Glasgow. Made with materials from the library, the three parts of the perfume were designed to be unconventional compared to commercial perfumes and to challenge the wearers perception of what perfume can be. The first accord shown in the video, Poivrol Vaccine, is a medicinal yet damp and earthy smelling scent. The second, Net Patchone Cœur, reminded most of a clean but old gym hall from younger school days and the smell of nylon or polyester, such as a new tent. The final accord is Ash Ionone, which is a smoky and sweet, violet smell. The project aims to bring transparency to the perfume making process by featuring the formula of each accord and defining each scent through computer generated imagery to explore the possible physical attributes of real life objects and environments.

Personal Project / Degree Work