CGI Artist, Image Making + Art Direction
Bel Docherty is a freelance CGI artist currently based in Paris, using digital mediums for object, space and image creation. Graduate from The Glasgow School of Art with a First Class BA (Hons) in Communication Design. Her work explores future potential design processes and the visualisation of scent and the culture that surrounds it. With experience in textiles and sculpture, her work researches the digital materiality of objects in aim to feel real and engaging, while communicating initially intangible and abstract ideas. Her design process takes visual reference from luxury fashion, technology advertising and contemporary graphic design in the venture to create clean, inventive graphics.

Proficient in Cinema4D, Octane and XParticles. With skills and experience in Textiles, Furniture Design + Building and Machine Learning Programmes with basic understanding of Python. Comfortable with full Adobe Suite.

Available for commisions. See contact for email + instagram account.